Mondi Olmuksan is a leading and well-established corrugated packaging player in Turkey. Serves a diverse customer base with high-quality sustainable packaging for food, beverage, agriculture and industrial applications.
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A sustainable alternative for plastic Fruit & Vegetable trays. 50 ventilation holes provide ideal ventilation, ensuring freshness and preventing food waste. Thanks to its design, it also allows perfect stacking and printing.
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Grow. Create. Inspire. Together.

Our employees know us as a company that seeks to put the care of our people, our communities and the planet at the heart of our decision making. Technology makes us efficient, our people make us smart.

Mondi Olmuksan - The powerful combination of our proud heritage in Turkey and Mondi Group’s global expertise and experience

With more than 50 years’ experience in the corrugated packaging industry, we offer high-quality products and services to customers throughout Turkey.

With 5 corrugated packaging facilities and employing over 800 employees , Mondi Olmuksan provides a customer-oriented approach that gives rise to innovative and value-creating solutions.

The majority of the shares in our company are held by the leading global packaging and paper group Mondi. The remainder are publicly traded on the stock exchange.

Investor Relations

We are keenly aware of our responsibilities to our stakeholders, shareholders and employees.

Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Our board supports the highest standards of corporate governance and best practice, and is committed to the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability.

Corporate Governance

Products & Solutions

Every business has different needs arising from its product, production line or supply chain requirements. We provide a broad range of products and value-added solutions in key strategic segments, ranging from food to e-commerce, and from fruit and vegetables to industrial packaging.

Our expert R&D team partners closely with our customers to create innovative designs and offer sustainable alternative solutions.

Products & Solutions